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Give and take

ABGT Members Only Meeting Nov. 7, 2023
ABGT’s Mission
We draw inspiration from the book Give and Take, by Adam Grant.

We believe in and live by the Principle of Reciprocity, and believe that this principle is NOT governed by self-interest.

The best leaders are givers and are always including someone else in their meetings or presentations with others.

Team work without a giving mentality will fall short.

There’s a thin line between a giver and a doormat.

Takers have a unique profile and are easy to spot.
Why are we here?
•Why are you a member of this networking group?
•Why are you a member of another networking group?
•Based on your experience with ABGT – what does
 YOUR networking group stand for / it’s value / it’s purpose?
Marketing Insight
People are more likely to tap into messages that reflect what they already think or feel.
Our Collective Strengths - Internal
 •Less than 2 years in the group
 •Members with 3+ years in the group
 •Our founders of the group or anyone with 10+ years membership
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
•Strength – the unspoken uniqueness of ABGT
•Weakness – “Networking P.T.S.D”
•Opportunities – Clear message, professional social presence
•Threats -- Ambiguity, hidden agendas, not staying true to the course and the team
Who do we want to be as a group in 2024?
2024 Challenges, Insights & Opportunities
•Jan, Apr, July, and Sept – 1st and 3rd present conflicts
 •Thanksgiving – okay
 •Christmas – okay
 •Passover – Mon 4/2
•Volunteer Week is April 14-20
 •What charity would we like to adopt/support
 •Money donation
 •Time donation
 •Group event
The Big Event
Big Event

Do we want to host a Big Event in 2024 or do we want to start planning a big event in 2025 and make it an every other year event?

It is going to take someone special within the group to manage the process and work with people who want to volunteer for a committee.
Susan VanHemert
w: 678-797-0747 | w: 770-789-2680
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